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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Delta Airlines To Sell Plane Tickets Through Facebook

Delta Airlines announced it will soon launch a “Ticket Window” that will allow travelers to book their plane tickets on Facebook.

While lots of airlines use Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves, this is the first airline giving travelers the option of booking directly through the social media site. Delta is looking to expand their efforts beyond Facebook and eventually offer people the chance to book tickets through online banner ads, as well. Delta’s Facebook initiative is part of a larger Internet expansion by the world’s largest airline. Discount sites like JetBlue and Southwest are leading the pack of airlines using social media as a way to reach current and future customers.

According to Yahoo.com, Delta has plans to launch an iPad app which will allow ticket holders “the ability to check in for flights, check flight status, review schedules, set a parking reminder, review frequent flier account balance and use electronic boarding passes in select cities.”


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Ablai said...

Thank you!

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