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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The new ecomeny class

Singapore airlines economy class has two versions. The new and the old. Let's start with the old one : it has a 6 inch personal television which uses the old wisemen 2000 and the seats are of 18 inch. This version is exclusively onboard the B777s jublilees* and the B747-400 ( big top ).
The other version is way newer!It has a 10.6 inch personal television( slightly wider that a laptop) and it uses the wisemen 3000 which has 3D games. The seat is about 19 or 20 inch ( it depends on the plane ) It has a cup holder and also a place to hang your coat, there is also a USB port which allows you to do your work! Exclusively onboard the B777-300ER( extended range ) and the A380-800

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